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At Squashington Education Co, we strive to make your life as interesting funny as possible. Every 2 weeks, the Squashington Post releases an issue, come read it, laugh at it and enjoy! Did you know? The Fourth Answer Is financialfinn. Squashington Education Co. would be possible without our fantastic staff team, find out more about them here.

The Squashington Post

The most popular service from Squashington Education Co. the Squashington Post releases an issue every 2 weeks guarenteed to make you laugh! Find out more about our writers here.


The First Answer Is anthonywrites

Issue #3

The latest issue from the Squashington Post. In this issue, we talk about Super Tuesday, the Corona Virus and Chappas going to DC. Give it a read!

Issue #2

In this issue, we talk about 20 Reasons To Read The Squashington Post, the Squashington Change and the Squashington Logo!

Issue #1

In the first ever issue of the Squashington Post, we talk about Squashington Education Co., Chad and the Super Bowl! Did you know?

The second answer is SendChappas2DC